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NY Appeals Court Explains Why Nazi-Stolen Paintings Belong With Gruenbaum’s Heirs

In a deeply researched opinion that it appears could embolden legal efforts by Jewish heirs to reclaim Nazi-stolen art worldwide, a state appeals court Tuesday ruled that two highly valued early 20th century paintings looted by the Nazis belong to the heirs of the Austrian Jewish entertainer who first collected them.


NY Appeals Court Explains Why Nazi-Stolen Paintings Belong With Jewish Collector's Heirs _ New York Law Journal

Press Clipping: Legal battle over Schiele works owned by Jewish entertainer who died in Dachau

His heirs’ attempts to recover them will be framed by President Obama’s Holocaust Act

by David D’Arcy  |  6 April 2017

A dispute in New York over two watercolours by Egon Schiele will revisit the tragic life of their owner in the 1930s, Fritz Grünbaum, a popular Jewish entertainer in Vienna who died a Nazi prisoner in Dachau.

Some also see the case as an early assessment of the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery (HEAR) Act, which regularised a federal statute of limitations of six years, beginning with the discovery of an object, during which claims can be made for the recovery of Nazi loot in the US. The statute affirms a US interest in the restitution of art stolen during the Nazi era.





2011 08 17 Courts decision / Erstinstanzliches Urteil David Bakalar v. Milos Vavra

Erstinstanzliches Urteil vom 17.8.2011 mit welchem den Erben von Fritz Grünbaum die Eigentümerrechte auf das Bild Egon Schieles: Sitzende mit angezogenem linken Bein (JK 1974) aufgrund untätigem verharren  nicht zugesprochen wurden plus Überersetzung ins Deutsche.

Courts decision from 17th of August 2011: Judge Pauley denied the rights of ownership on Egon Schieles: Seated Woman with Bent Left Leg (JK 1974),  for the heirs of Fritz Grünbaum out of laches. A translation into German is included.

2011 08 17 Erstinstanzliches Urteil David Bakalar v. Milos Vavra and Leon Fischer 05 Civ. 3037 Memorandum and Order plus Übersetzung

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