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In the News: In Case Over Nazi-Looted Art, Dispute Over $1.4M in Prejudgment Interest Heats Up

“As long as they continue to assert title, we can’t sell the artworks,” said the lawyer for the
Jewish heirs to an Austrian 1920s art collector who had owned the Egon Schiele paintings
before the Nazis imprisoned him.

The heirs are claiming that interest on the artworks they
won possession of continues to grow as the interest amount is disputed and leave for appeal
on the merits is sought.

Law Journal
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In the News: Austrian Performer’s Heirs Found to Have Superior Right to Looted Schiele Works

…Under New York law, Nagy could only receive good title to the artworks from a seller with good title to give. Since no evidence was presented to show anyone involved in the sale of the works since Grünbaum’s death had good title, Nagy was unable to prove he held title superior to the heirs…

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20190823 New York Appellate Court Upholds Purpose of HEAR Act_ Austrian Performer’s Heirs Found to Have Superior Right to Looted Schiele Works _ Institute of Art and Law
20190823New York Berufungsgericht unterstützt das Ziel des HEAR Act -de

On the Radio: Der Schiele-Fan

Der Streit um die Sammlung des Kabarettisten Fritz Grünbaum. Aus Anlass des 100.Todestages von Egon Schiele

Gestaltung: Ulrike Schmitzer

Im April 2018 fällte der Oberste Gerichtshof von New York ein umstrittenes Urteil: Er sprach den Nachfahren des Kabarettisten und Schauspielers Fritz Grünbaum zwei Werke bildender Kunst zu. Fritz Grünbaum war ein großer Kunstliebhaber, er besaß eine Sammlung mit 400 Werken, 80 davon stammten von Egon Schiele.

Diese Schiele- Sammlung beschäftigt die Gerichte seit mehr als 20 Jahren. Denn Fritz Grünbaum wurde 1938 ins KZ Dachau deportiert, wo er 1941 ermordet wurde. Seine Frau Lilly wurde 1942 in Maly Trostinec umgebracht. Was dann mit seiner Sammlung geschah, darüber streiten die Gerichte bis heute. Haben die Nazis sie geraubt oder war sie bei einer Spedition eingelagert?

Tatsache ist, dass Grünbaums Schwägerin in den 1950er Jahren insgesamt 72 Werke von Egon Schiele verkaufte. Stammten sie aus der Sammlung Grünbaum oder aus ihrer eigenen? War sie zum Verkauf berechtigt?
Der Kunstrückgabebeirat traf im Jahr 2015 eine Entscheidung für die Albertina: Fritz Grünbaums Sammlung wurde nicht entzogen, es handelt sich also nicht um NS-Raubkunst.

Ein Salzburger Nachtstudio von Ulrike Schmitzer über Egon Schiele, dessen Todestag sich am 31.10.2018 zum 100. Mal jährt, und über den Sammler Fritz Grünbaum und seine Erben.

In the News: Gruenbaum Heirs Take on an Art Foundation That Rights Nazi Wrongs

The German Lost Art Foundation operates a database of art likely looted by the Nazis, a list that has earned plaudits for helping to return works taken from Jews during the Holocaust.

But now the foundation is being criticized for removing from public view 63 works by the Austrian Expressionist Egon Schiele, as a result of lobbying by several dealers who specialize in the artist. The dealers contend the works in question were never stolen.

The removal — a rare step — is being challenged by the heirs of a popular Viennese cabaret performer, Fritz Grünbaum, whose sizable art collection, including 81 Schieles, was inventoried by Nazi agents in 1938 after he had been sent to a concentration camp where he died.

20180827 Jewish Heirs Take on an Art Foundation That Rights Nazi Wrongs - The New York Times


Press Clipping: Panel Allows Stolen Artwork Claims to Move Forward


Jason Grant
April 19, 2017

“Collateral estoppel requires the issue to be indentical to that determined in the prior proceeding,” the panel said. “[That has not]…been shown here where the purchaser, the pieces, and the time over which the pieces were held differ significantly.”

The lawsuite is part of a long-running fight to reclaim art once owned by Austrian Jew Fritz Grunbaum, who amassed a rare 449-piece art collection that was confiscated by Nazis in 1938, his heirs say. Grunbaum died at the Dachau concetration camp.

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