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On the Radio: Manhattan DA returns art stolen by the Nazis to one-time owner’s heirs

Jewish cabaret performer and art collector Fritz Grünbaum died in a concentration camp during the Holocaust. On Friday, his heirs were reunited with two drawings that prosecutors say the Nazis stole from him, then trafficked illegally through New York.

At a small ceremony at the Manhattan District Attorney’s office, law enforcement officials returned two drawings by Austrian artist Egon Schiele to Grünbaum’s descendants: “Girl with Black Hair” and “Portrait of a Man.”

“These were on his walls. He looked at them. He loved them,” Timothy Reif, whose father was raised by Grünbaum, said in an interview after the ceremony.

LIVE STREAMING – Nazi Looted Art – Litigation and Dispute Resolution

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Today, more than 75 years after the end of WWII, cases to recover artwork looted by the Nazis are being litigated across the USA. This program will discuss recent developments in the law affecting such artwork, including a new law that took effect in New York State on August 10, 2022 and the expiration of the Holocaust Expropriated Art Recovery Act’s extension of statutes of limitations for certain claims known prior to December 16, 2016. Hear from lawyers and a client who have successfully pursued claims for restitution of artwork, and learn from a lawyer/international business director for one of the world’s preeminent auction houses, about the law, the history and the ethical considerations involved in the still-unfolding cases resulting from one of history’s greatest thefts.

Presented By:
Hon. Timothy M. Reif, Esq.
Eileen Brankovic
Raymond J. Dowd, Esq.
Claudia G. Jaffe, Esq.
Samuel A. Blaustein, Esq.

UPDATE – Dispute over Ownership of Nazi Victim’s Art Turns to Pre-judgment Interest

Following the New York Appellate Division’s affirmance of the New York State Supreme Court’s decision in Reif v. Nagy ordering the turnover of two works of art transferred under duress, if not stolen, following the Nazi takeover of Austria to the heirs of their original Jewish owner, Fritz Grünbaum,[1] the dispute has turned to the increasingly significant issue of pre-judgment interest.

20210115 UPDATE – Dispute over Ownership of Nazi Victim’s Art Turns to Pre-judgment Interest _ HHR Art Law


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