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Restituted Grünbaum works auctioned at Christie´s

Christie’s auctioned two restituted Egon Schiele works on paper during its 20th Century Evening Sale, 16 May 2024. Both works date from 1911 and are masterfully executed in gouache, watercolor, and pencil on paper: Stehender Akt mit Draperietuch (Standing Nude With Drapery and Schwarzes Mädchen (Black Girl or Girl in Black) . These two exceptional watercolors were part of the Collection Fritz Grünbaum which were returned to the heirs in the last months.

In the News: Chicago Magazin, The Drawing the Art Institute Won’t Give Back

The heirs of a famous Jewish entertainer killed in the Holocaust want the museum to return a work they say was stolen by the Nazis. But was it really?

20240514 - Chicagomag_The Drawing the Art Institute Won’t Give Back

Find the German Translation below:

20240514 - Chicagomag_The Drawing the Art Institute Won’t Give Back_de

Gruenbaum-Schieles saved and blocked in New York

The heirs of Fritz Grunbaum persuaded a Manhattan judge Tuesday to block the sale and transport of two works by Egon Schiele that belong to Mr. Grunbaum’s collection.  The works were featured by Richard Nagy of Richard Nagy, Ltd. at the Salon + Design fair held at the Park Avenue Armory, New York.

Tuesday, Justice Ramos of the New York Supreme Court entered a temporary restraining order (“TRO”) providing that Woman in a Black Pinafore and Woman Hiding Her Face, shall not be transferred or otherwise removed from  New York by any person or entity.

A hearing is scheduled for December, 1st in Manhattan.


201511 16 Summons

20151117 Order to show cause with temporary restraining order